Cruise Ship Job Positions – Hotel Management Jobs


Hotel Operations encompasses the departments of Guest Services, Food and Beverage, and Housekeeping. The largest department is the Food and Beverage department followed by the Housekeeping department. Some cruise lines also include the Entertainment department within Hotel Operations. But, for simplicity sake, we have listed the Entertainment department separately from Hotel Operations.


Hotel Director

Other Job Titles: Hotel Director (Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines), Hotel General Manager (Princess Cruises), Purser, Chief Purser (past cruise industry title)

Note: Royal Caribbean also has a position called Associate Hotel Director that consists of two months in the capacity of acting Hotel Director (while permanent Hotel Director is on leave) and two months as Food and Beverage Manager.

Job Description: The Hotel Director oversees the whole Hotel Operations including the Guest Services department, the Food and Beverage department, the Housekeeping department, and the Entertainment department.

Experience and Skills Required: For example, Royal Caribbean expects their applicants to have at least 10 years of senior management experience on a cruise line or in a luxury hotel.

Typical Rank: 3-1/2 stripes to 4 stripes depending on the cruise line. This position may have the same rank as Staff Captain while other cruise lines have the Hotel Director as a half stripe higher than the Staff Captain, but still below the Captain.

Average Salary: $7,000 and up per month

Marketing and Revenue Manager

Other Job Titles: The onboard Marketing and Revenue Manager is a position specific to Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises ships.

Job Description: Oversees all the revenues onboard the ship and helps implement strategies to increase onboard sales within various departments. Candidate works closely with the Hotel Director and Cruise Director as well as the Training and Development Manager.

Experience and Skills Required: Royal Caribbean states in their job posting, “This position requires a strong ability to analyse revenue streams and related business programs.” The Marketing and Revenue Manager should have experience in leading a team of managers to maximize sales.

Typical Rank: 3-striped officer

Average Salary: $4,000 to $6,000 per month

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