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Chongqing Victoria Management and Consulting Company
#9 Shanxi Road 11 Floor Building B, Jiliang Square
Yuzhong District, Chongqing, 400011

Tel (USA):  (+1) 212-818-1680
Tel (China):  (+86) 23-6163-7688

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New York-based Victoria Cruises specializes in river cruises in China. Their first ship was launched in 1994 and has grown to a fleet of seven luxury vessels cruising on China’s Yangtze River. Their ships are all newly rebuilt or structurally rebuilt, and all refurbished with a modern blend of European–Asian design. Their cruises cater to upscale passengers interested in educational voyages with entertainment highlights including Tai Chi, acupuncture demonstrations and language lessons. They have a multinational crew.

How to Apply

Send your resume to the above email address.

Fleet of Cruise Ships

Victoria Jenna
Entered Service: 2009
Length: 134 m
Total Passengers: 378
Total Crew: 180

Victoria Lianna
Entered Service: 1995; Rebuilt 2011
Length: 89 m
Total Passengers: 218
Total Crew: 121

Victoria Selina
Entered Service: 1994; Rebuilt 2011
Length: 89 m
Total Passengers: 218
Total Crew: 121

Victoria Sophia
(Former Name: Victoria Prince)
Entered Service: 1994; Renovated 2011
Length: 89 m
Total Passengers: 208
Total Crew: 121

Victoria Grace
(Former Name: Victoria Empress)
Entered Service: 1996; Rebuilt 2002; Refurbished 2008
Length: 85 m
Total Passengers: 198
Total Crew: 117

Victoria Katarina
Entered Service: 2004; Renovated 2010
Length: 99 m
Total Passengers: 264
Total Crew: 128

Victoria Anna
Entered Service: 2006; Renovated 2010
Length: 106 m
Total Passengers: 268
Total Crew: 138

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