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Lindblad Expeditions

96 Morton Street
9th Floor
New York, New York
10014 USA

Phone: 212-765-7740

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Founded in the 1960’s, Lindblad Expeditions is a family owned and operated company that specializes in expedition style cruising. Partnered with National Geographic, their cruises take guests to worldwide destinations offering active adventures and the opportunity to get close to nature and wildlife. The cruises are casual with no dress code and offer extensive enrichment programs.

They have a growing fleet of small expedition ships that includes National Geographic Endeavour, National Geographic Explorer, National Geographic Islander, National Geographic Sea Bird, and National Geographic Sea Lion. They also have a number of chartered ships that complement their fleet such as Magna Carta’s Lord of the Glens and Silver Cloud Cruises’ Silver Cloud.

Lindblad’s vessels are US registered therefore all shipboard employees must be legally able to work in the US.

Fleet of Cruise Ships

National Geographic Endeavour
Entered Service: 1966; Refurbished 1984
Tonnage: 3,132 GRT
Total Passengers: 96
Total Crew: 64

National Geographic Explorer
Entered Service: 1982; Refurbished 2002
Tonnage: 6,167 GRT
Total Passengers: 148
Total Crew: 70

National Geographic Islander
Entered Service: 1995
Tonnage: 1,065 GRT
Total Passengers: 48
Total Crew: 30

National Geographic Sea Bird
Entered Service: 1982
Tonnage: 100 GRT
Total Passengers: 62
Total Crew: 22

National Geographic Sea Lion
Entered Service: 1982
Tonnage: 100 GRT
Total Passengers: 62
Total Crew: 22

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