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Feenstra Rhine Line

Rijnkade 12
6811 Ha Arnhem
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 26 445 2805

Company Website:  feenstrarhineline.com
Employment Website:  Job Opportunities at Feenstra

Feenstra Rhine Line, also known as Feenstra Rijn Lijn, is the leading river cruise operator in Holland. Although they cater mostly to Dutch passengers, they often charter their vessels to British or other foreign operators, such as Shearings Holidays (Da Vinci), Riviera Travel (Antonio Bellucci), and The River Cruise Line (Amsterdam). The crew is primarily Dutch.

Feenstra Rhine Line offers itineraries throughout Europe’s water ways such as Rhine, Moselle, Danube and Neckar. The waterways of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany are also featured on some of their cruises. Each ship has its own character and style and reflects a three to five star rating.

Fleet of Cruise Ships

Antonio Bellucci
Entered Service: 2012
Length: 110 m
Total Passengers: 140
Total Crew: 35

Da Vinci
Entered Service: 1995; Refurbished 2007
Length: 104 m
Total Passengers: 110

Rembrandt van Rijn
Entered Service: 1984
Length: 110 m
Total Passengers: 127

Entered Service: 1979
Length: 78 m
Total Passengers: 100

Entered Service: 1939; Rebuilt 1978
Length: 90 m
Total Passengers: 124

Entered Service: 2002; Refurbished 2006
Length: 104 m
Total Passengers: 186

Entered Service: Refurbished 2010
Length: 76 m
Total Passengers: 90

Entered Service: 1956; Refurbished 2009
Length: 80 m
Total Passengers: 98

Length: 75 m
Total Passengers: 92

Entered Service: 1969; Acquired and Refurbished 2009
Length: 239 Feet
Total Passengers: 109
Total Crew: 21

Entered Service: 1948
Length: 78 m
Total Passengers: 98
Total Crew: 22

Entered Service: 1986
Length: 300 Feet
Total Passengers: 104

Lady Anne
Entered Service: 1963
Length: 70 m
Total Passengers: 106
Total Crew: 60

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