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Blount Small Ship Adventures

461 Water Street
PO BOX 368
Warren, RI
02885 USA

Phone:  866-730-5265 or 401-337-9043

Company Website:
Employment Web Pages:  Employment

Blount Small Ship Adventures offers small ship cruising in the Caribbean and on the US and Canadian waterways. They have two small ships that cruise the Caribbean, Great Lakes, New England coast and the waterways of Canada and the United States. Their cruises are casual and no dress code is required. They don’t allow kids under the age of 14.

Since their vessels are registered in the United States, only those legally allowed to work in the USA can apply. Available positions are listed on their employment pages.

Fleet of Cruise Ships

Grande Caribe
Entered Service: 1997
Tonnage: 99 GRT
Total Passengers: 100
Total Crew: 17

Grande Mariner
Entered Service: 1998
Tonnage: 99 GRT
Total Passengers: 100
Total Crew: 17

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