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Alaskan Dream Cruises

P.O. Box 1049
Sitka, AK 99835

Phone: 907-747-8100
Fax: 907-747-4819

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Alaskan Dream Cruises gets passengers up close to nature and wildlife on Alaskan cruises. Its passengers are mostly over the age of 60, both singles and couples. They have an all-American crew. Entertainment is provided by on board naturalists. Their small ships are refurbished such as the Admiralty Dream which was part of the now defunct Cruise West fleet. Allen Marine is the parent company of Alaskan Dream Cruises

Fleet of Cruise Ships

Admiralty Dream
Former Names: Spirit of Columbia, Independence
Entered Service: 1982; Remodelled in 2012
Tonnage: 730 GRT
Total Passengers: 66
Total Crew: 20

Alaskan Dream
Former Names: Executive Explorer, Contessa
Entered Service: 1986; Refurbished in 2007; Remodelled in 2011
Tonnage: 93 GRT
Total Passengers: 42
Total Crew: 15

Baranof Dream
Entered Service: 1980
Tonnage: 97 GRT
Total Passengers: 78
Total Crew: 21

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