What Cruise Employers Want from Applicants


An employer wants a good fit for the team and cruise company. They want someone who satisfies all the requirements for the job in terms of work experience, education, skills and personality. Moreover, what cruise employers really want is for the job applicant to fully understand what it means to work and live onboard a cruise ship. Here’s what recruiters are looking for from you.


Experience and Hard Skills for Cruise Jobs

Although it is possible to get a cruise job with no experience, cruise employers do have a wish list of what they would like their potential crew member to have. Each cruise job has requirements of the skills and experience needed to get hired.

Cruise employers would like to see that you have some type of previous land based employment that is relevant to the job you are applying for. The trick here is to present your past jobs on your resume in a way that reflects the hard skills that the employer is looking for. If they want two years of relevant work experience, you need to highlight what they need.

Don’t just write all your past work history in a list, hoping that they will find some relevance in what you have done. You need to specifically point out your skills and list your most relevant experience or education at the beginning of your resume.


Personality and Soft Skills Needed for Cruise Job

It’s a little more challenging to discuss your personality and soft skills in a resume. Although you can mention some of them, it is easier to point them out in your cover letter. Even better, during the interview process you can let your personality shine.

Cruise employers want job applicants to have a personality and soft skills that would be suitable for a cruise ship environment. Being able to work, live and get along with a multinational and multicultural crew is important. Also important is a personality that works well with the passengers. Try to think of examples of when you have used the following personality traits and soft skills. Then, use them in your resume and cover letter.

–  Communicates well with others
–  Effective listening skills
–  Proactive problem solver
–  Works well in a team environment
–  Time management skills
–  Organizational skills
–  Works well without supervision
–  Ability to take direction
–  Easily approachable
–  Enthusiastic attitude
–  Ability and experience working long hours
–  Flexible
–  Reliable
–  Knowledge of the Cruise Job

In addition to the right personality, experience, and skills, cruise employers want the job applicant to fully understand the duties and responsibilities of the position they are applying for. This is an easy requirement to meet. For the most part you just need to read the cruise line’s job description, right?

The short answer is yes. But, what the cruise employer really wants is for the job applicant to have read between the lines. Try to get a real feel of what the day-to-day duties of the position are all about. Which days are your busiest? Understand who you would be reporting to. What is the hierarchy of the department? What expectation do you have of this particular cruise job? expecting?

Try to get to know as much as you can on your own. Whatever you already know will impress a recruiter. Well-thought out questions to ask during an interview will also work in your favour. The hiring manager wants the job applicant to understand exactly what will be expected of them on the job. If you ask the right questions, it shows that you are not only interested but you have done some research on your own.


Understanding Life On Board Cruise Ships

This is probably one of the biggest expectations that a cruise employer has of a job applicant. The recruiter wants to know that once you get onboard you don’t change your mind and want to quit and go back home. They want to make sure that you understand what life onboard is really like. In the article, Pros and Cons of Cruise Ship Jobs, you get learn what to expect.

Sometimes a cruise recruiter will conduct a telephone interview with the job applicant before committing to the “real” interview. This pre-interview is for the recruiter to get an idea if the applicant understands what life onboard is like. Regardless of when it happens, the cruise employer will ask a series of questions to ensure that the applicant is suitable for life onboard. Here are some typical questions.

–  Why do you want to work on a cruise ship?
–  What is the longest day that you have worked?
–  How will you handle being away from home for many months?
–  When you’re at home how do you spend your weekends?
–  What do you think of sharing a cabin?

Knowledge of the Cruise Line

Once a job applicant proves they meet all of the above requirements, there is one more thing that cruise employers are looking for–and that is that the applicant is knowledgeable about the cruise line.

You may be applying to a number of different cruise lines and you really just want to get hired by anyone without caring which cruise line hires you. Be careful if this is the case. Each employer wants to know that you have taken the time to research about their company and want to work for their company in particular. To get this point across, here’s what you can do.

–  Your cover letter needs to be customized to the company you are apply to.
–  Be knowledgeable about the cruise line’s fleet, guest demographic, itineraries, and more.
–  Be knowledgeable about cruise news that relates to that cruise line.

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