Cruise Line Recruitment Events


Cruise job fairs and recruitment events are a perfect opportunity to get some face-to-face time with the managers that are screening and hiring job applicants. Where can you find information on these recruiting events and interview dates? Should you just show up at these job fairs or should you register ahead of time? Here are some answers as well as how to be successful at one of these cruise job recruitment events.


Where to Find Cruise Line Recruitment Events

Recruitment Agency Websites – Various cruise lines use hiring partners to assist with screening potential candidates for cruise jobs. Although some agencies prefer to use Skype for interviews, other agencies may schedule numerous interviews on the same day in major cities across the country you live in.

Cruise Ship Concessions Websites – Steiner Leisure, one of the largest onboard concessions for cruise jobs, features interview dates on their website on an ongoing basis. Job-seekers looking for a job as a Hair Stylist, Nail Technician, Beauty Therapist, Massage Therapist, or Fitness Trainer should keep an eye on Steiner’s global recruitment dates.

Cruise Ship Job Fairs – NCL America, a division of Norwegian Cruise Line, offers job fairs throughout the year at select cities throughout the USA. They are one of the only cruise lines that offer numerous jobs for Americans. Keep an eye on this link for upcoming job fairs.

Recruitment Events for Cruise Ship Medical Jobs – Carnival UK offers Medical Open Days onboard select P&O Cruises and Cunard Line cruise ships. These open days provide an opportunity for medical professionals to gain information about working on cruise ships as well as apply for a job as a doctor or nurse.

College Campus Recruiting Events – In the past Royal Caribbean has hosted their Global Casting Summit at colleges around the USA. Job-seeking students can sign up for the quarterly Royal Caribbean Connection Newsletter that lists upcoming recruiting events.


Get Invited to a Cruise Line Recruitment Event

Although you may find a date and specific location of an upcoming recruitment event, other times you may only find a date and the name of a city. So now what? Although your first instinct may be to phone and find out exactly where the interview is taking place, there is a better way.

And, those that think they should just show up to a recruitment event think again. Getting an invitation, letting the recruiter know you are coming, or requesting to pre-register are better first steps.

Job seekers need to email their resume along with a cover letter (body of the email) to the recruiting employer. At the end of the email (cover letter), applicants should add a request similar to, “Please consider me for the upcoming interviews in Toronto.” In other cases, you may need to complete an online application first then send a follow up email requesting to be considered for an upcoming interview.


How to Be Successful at Cruise Line Recruitment Events

Do Your Homework – Start with researching everything you can about the cruise line or concession you want to work. Understand which companies that the agency represents. Get to know what it’s like to live and work onboard including cabin sharing, hours worked, alcohol policy, multinational and multicultural crew, and homesickness. Typically these events are meant to shed light on these topics and scare away candidates that are prepared to work on cruise ships.

Dress for Success – Treat these events as you would for any land-based job interview. Dress professionally. Pay attention to hair, make up, facial hair, tatoos, etc. You don’t want to call attention to yourself in a negative way. Bring some type of professional bag or folder to hold any papers, documents, pen, cell phone (remember to turn off), keys, etc. You want to look organized and put together.

Bring Copies of Your Resume Package – Although you have already sent your resume and application package ahead of time, you need to bring extra copies. An application package should include your resume, cover letter, certificates, copy of your passport, references and an appropriate photo. You may be interviewed by two or three different recruiters. Have an application package ready for anyone that needs one.

Be Prepared to Answer Interview Questions – Interview preparation is what will make you stand out over other applicants. You need to be prepared how you will introduce yourself to the interviewer.  Plus, get an idea of what you will be asked in an interview (more homework). Don’t just go over these questions. Practice your answers out loud.

Bring a List of Questions – Be prepared with a list of questions that you want to ask. Careful with these types of questions because you want to come off as being prepared not asking questions that you should already know the answers to. A couple of questions could be about how soon the recruiter expects to make a decision, what the sales target would be for you, or what the opportunities for advancement are like.

Arrange for a Second Interview – Similar to closing a sale, you want to finish the interview with the prospect of securing a second interview. As mentioned above, you should ask when the hiring decision will be made. In addition, when asking your final questions, make sure you gather the contact information needed to follow up. Although you will thank the interviewer at the time, you will want to send a thank you email within 48 hours, too.

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