Cruise Ship Job Interviews


It’s exciting once you’re told that you’ve been invited for a cruise ship job interview, but it can also be stressful. Will you be prepared for the interview? What should you wear? What questions will the interviewer ask you? What questions should you ask the interviewer? The bottom line is how can you ensure that your interview will land you the job?


Interview Types

You know the recruiter is interested in you once they invite you for an interview. It’s something in your cover letter, resume or online application that makes them think that you are a potential candidate for the cruise job. The interview is your opportunity to prove that you ARE the best person for the position.

There are a few different types of interviews. Your may be asked to be available for a telephone interview or an interview via Skype. Alternatively, you may be asked to attend an interview where a number of other applicants will attend as well. You may also have the opportunity to attend a cruise ship job recruitment event.

Part of the interview may be a presentation of what it’s like to work and live onboard while the other part of the interview is a one-on-one. On the other hand, you may be asked to make a presentation in the case of someone that is being interviewed for a job as cruise staff or cruise sales manager.


Interview Preparation

Whatever type of interview you have, how much you have prepared can be the crucial factor in getting hired or not. Preparing for an interview will not only make you feel confident, it will also demonstrate to the interviewer that you’ve done your homework. And, prepared applicants equates to prepared crewmembers.

The best way to show that you are prepared is by answering the recruiter’s questions with knowledgeable and well-thought out answers. To be prepared, you should practice answering questions that may be asked of you including being able to give vivid examples. Practice your answers out loud in front of a mirror until know what you want to say and sound confident.

Practice how you will start and end your interview what questions the cruise recruiter will ask you. How will you greet the interviewer? Will you shake hands? Near the end of the interview, what questions will you ask? Will you fumble for paper and pen to jot down contact information. Be prepared.


Interview Questions for Cruise Ship Jobs

Understanding what you will be asked during a cruise ship job interview will help you prepare. There are a number of typical questions that cruise recruiters tend to ask their interviewees. For starters, they want to be sure that you understand what life onboard is really like. Second, they want to make sure that you are the most qualified candidate for that specific cruise job. Here are some possible questions you may be asked.

1.  Why do you want to work on a cruise ship?
2.  How many hours do you currently work per week (per day)?
3.  Why do you think you are qualified for the job you are applying for?
4.  How does your past experience relate to the job you are applying for?
5.  What are your best skills that you are bringing to this cruise job?
6.  What challenges do you think you will face onboard?
7.  Why do you want to work for this cruise line?
8.  How have you resolved a conflict with a colleague or roommate in the past?
9.  How would you resolve a difficult situation with a customer?

10.  How long would you like to work on cruise ships?


Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

Although during the interview you will be asked a series of questions, the interviewer will probably give you the opportunity to ask them a few questions as well. Make sure you don’t ask questions that you should already know the answers to. Instead, ask questions that show you have done your homework and will impress the interviewer. Here are a few questions to choose from.

1.  When will you be making a hiring decision?
2.  What is the per cruise sales target for this cruise ship position?
3.  How soon are there opportunities for advancement?

4.  If hired, how soon could I expect to join a ship?


How to Dress for Your Job Interview

Choosing how to dress for your interview is almost as important as what you say verbally. Applicants for cruise ship jobs need to look professional and ready to fit what the cruise line perceives their employees to look like.

Women need to consider that less is more when it comes to make up and that what they choose to wear could be what decides if they get hired or not. You don’t want the recruiter to think you are high maintenance. You want to convey that you are ready for hard work, to be on your feet all day and without worry that you may break a nail. Men need also to be professionally dressed and clean shaven.


Skype Interviews for Cruise Jobs

Some cruise recruiters are using Skype to conduct interviews. For job applicants, there are a few things to consider. For starters, treat this type of interview as you would a traditional face-to-face interview. Dress for the part. Second, make sure that you have cleaned the area that will be seen by the interviewer’s web camera. Third, make sure that you get the recruiter’s contact information in case you are having technical difficulties.


Phone Interviews for Cruise Jobs

Many recruiters like to conduct a phone interview before committing to offering a live interview, and this is mainly used for screening applicants. Is the applicant ready to work onboard a cruise ship? Does the applicant’s personality stand out on the telephone? If the answers are yes, they may be given a second interview. Therefore, put your best foot forward even during a telephone interview for a cruise ship job.


How to Get Hired

There are many people applying for each job on a cruise ship so standing out above the others is how to get hired. The recruiter not only wants to hear specific information from you, they want to feel that your personality would fit into the environment onboard.

Although your qualifications play a large role in evaluating you as an ideal candidate, there are other factors that are equally important. Communicating to the cruise recruiter that you understand what it’s like to live and work on board is crucial for getting hired.  Also, all things being equal–a dynamic, positive personality who works well with others is most likely to be hired.


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