How to Find Hidden Jobs on Cruise Ships


Cruise lines, recruitment agencies and concessions all post their current vacancies on their employment web pages. But, is that all the cruise jobs that are available? The answer is no. In addition to cruise line press releases, social networking is the latest place to find unadvertised cruise jobs. As social media grows, so do the options for cruise industry professionals and recruiters to post information, news and even jobs.


Using Cruise News to Find Cruise Ship Jobs

There are numerous sources for savvy job-seekers to find hidden opportunities for jobs within the cruise industry. Press releases direct from the cruise lines and cruise industry news websites report on such information as new ships being launched and new guest services being offered. Although it’s a no brainer that new ships mean more jobs, but you can also read between the lines whenever a new guest facility or service is introduced.

Apart from reading press releases published by the cruise lines themselves, here are a few cruise industry websites that you can subscribe to their RSS feeds.

In addition to staying informed through these cruise industry websites, you can also follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Using Twitter to Find Cruise Ship Jobs

Although many people use social media sites as a way to communicate their daily activities, these sites can be a useful tool to get up to date information about a cruise line or available cruise jobs. Many cruise lines have a couple of different Twitter accounts ( One account they may use to “tweet” their news, while another account they use to “tweet” job vacancies.

In 140-characters or less, the account user can send a message, called a “tweet”. If you “follow” these companies, every time they post a tweet, you will get the message. You may want to follow cruise lines, cruise agencies, and select cruise experts. Here are a few Twitter accounts that you may like to follow.



Using LinkedIn to Find Cruise Jobs

LinkedIn ( has become one of the best tools and social networking sites for job seekers. With over 400 million professionals using LinkedIn, you can use this website for a number of different purposes. You can search the site by companies, people, groups and jobs. Here are a few more uses.

1. Post your profile, work history and resume for recruiters to see
2. See who’s who in the cruise industry and read their profiles
3. Get the contact names of various recruiters for various cruise lines and cruise agencies
4. Follow the cruise companies you want to apply to
5. Make “connections” with HR professional
6. Make “connections” with past and current crew members
7. Join groups that are related to the cruise industry

Social media has come a long way in just a few years and it is still growing. Although the cruise lines websites have plenty of jobs advertised, they might not be as current as the instant posting of these social media sites. Set up your accounts and profiles, today, but be careful what and how you communicate.


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