Follow Up and Get Hired – Essential Practice


When aiming to get hired to work on a cruise ship, it is crucial to follow up after each stage of the application and hiring process. Learn how you need to follow up after applying for a cruise ship job as well as after your interview.


Follow Up After Applying for a Cruise Job

Following up after you have sent out your application package for a cruise ship job is possibly more important than the resume itself. The fact is that the cruise employer receives so many resumes and cover letters that the ones that don’t follow up, may not even get noticed.

Many applicants complete online applications and send out their resume packages to a slew of cruise employers and agencies then hope that someone will contact them. They may be waiting a long time. By following up you not only show that you are persistent but that you also demonstrate that you are really interested.

One way to follow up is to reapply within two to six weeks of your original application. You may have completed an online application, now’s the time to send a hard copy of your resume along with a cover letter. The cover letter should be customized and should also include the fact that you completed the online application, but just wanted to follow up. You can either send your application as a physical package (mail or courier) or as an email.

If this still doesn’t work and you still haven’t been offered an interview, don’t give up. Follow up again. There isn’t a typical waiting period before reapplying, but do consider that the recruiter may be busy or on vacation. Above all, don’t sound impatient in your correspondence. Keep following up until you get a response.


Follow Up After an Interview

Once you get the opportunity to have an interview, you must consider how fortunate you are that the recruiter chose you. Unfortunately you are probably not the only one. The recruiter is about to choose one person from a handful of other potential candidates. This is why after the interview you must stand out from the other applicants.

One of the best ways to stand out from the other applicants is to send a thank you email within 24 hours of the interview. (Of course, to be able to do this you will need an email address from the recruiter, if you don’t already have one. Ask for their contact information at your interview). Your short email is to say thanks for the opportunity to have an interview for Cruise Job X.

In this follow up email, remind the recruiter why they should consider you to work for their cruise line and in the position you are applying. Also include a sentence that reminds the recruiter of who you are, possibly something you talked about. Make sure your tone is enthusiastic and professional. Don’t sound desperate or pushy.

At this point, the recruiter may or may not respond to you. Many times, the thank you note is enough for the cruise recruiter to offer you the job because many other applicants miss this step. Alternatively, you may be asked to be interviewed a second time by another interviewer.


When a Cruise Recruiter Says No

However, there is the possibility that the recruiter says no. They may tell you that they chose someone else for the job. They may tell you that they feel you weren’t qualified enough. They may not even give you much information as to why they don’t want to interview you or hire. Maybe you weren’t prepared for your interview. There are dozens of reason why they may have said that they aren’t interested in you.

Still, don’t give up! No doesn’t mean never. You may still have a chance to get hired. You can always apply with another cruise line. You can even choose to reapply with the same cruise line sometime down the road. You may gain additional experience or training that you can include on your future resume. You even apply for a completely different cruise job.

If the recruiter tells you why they didn’t choose you, use this information wisely when you reapply. If the hiring manager says they chose someone else for the job it could mean that someone else was more qualified from the pool of applicants that they just interviewed. At a later date, you may be the most qualified out of a different pool of applicants. It just depends on the quality of applicants they have at any given time.

You may find that you are qualified for an alternate cruise job. Re-apply with a different resume and customized cover letter that highlight your qualifications and experience specific to each different job that you apply for. If you are selected to have another interview make sure you are well prepared and continue to follow up again.


Follow Up Until You Are Hired

Even if you have been offered a job, it is important to follow up. You may be told that you have been hired, but they may not have a specific ship assignment for you. Some potential crewmembers wait months between being told they are hired and joining a ship.

Stay in contact with your recruiter until the moment you are given your flight details. Oftentimes recruiters are overwhelmed with the amount of applicants that they deal with and some fall through the cracks. It’s up to you to follow up each step of the way. Send a copy of your medical…follow up. Send a copy of your C1D Visa…follow up.

It’s the applicants that consistently and persistently follow up that get interviewed, hired and placed on ships the quickest!



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