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What are the best jobs for students?

Students graduating into the workforce face the dilemma of having an education but lacking the work experience and skills. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Students should take a good look at their personality and the skills that they have gained from all their part time jobs, education, activities and hobbies. Here are some of the best entry level cruise ship jobs for students and the transferable skills that could get them hired.

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Start Your Cruise Career:  Entry-Level Positions

Shore Excursion Assistant – Although cruise ship experience is often preferred, students with travel knowledge, sales experience, languages and customer service experience could apply.

Port Lecturer – This position is great for someone that has extensive knowledge about port information including history, culture and wildlife. Students with outgoing personalities and strong presentation skills are typically hired.

Guest Services Officer – Students can get cash handling experience from part time bank jobs and head cashier-type positions. Call center or customer service desk experience may offer skills such as telephone etiquette, customer service, and compliant resolution.

Crew Welfare Coordinator – Students that have experience organizing parties and events are ideal for this position. Experience as a Sorority Supervisor, Fraternity President, or Resident Assistant would be good on this resume.

Hotel Clerk – This position is ideal for someone that is proficient with Microsoft Office, has fast typing skills and is extremely organized in an administrative setting. Another position for someone with strong administrative skills is Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Program Administrator.

Buffet Steward – For those that have held a part time job as a waiter or bus boy, this position is an entry level cruise job in food and beverage. Those with an education in hospitality will be promoted quicker.

Bar Steward – This is an entry level position in the bar department. Students with bartending experience can apply for this position with the hopes of eventually being promoted to bartender. One rank below the Bar Steward is the Bar Utility. Those with an education in hospitality will be promoted quicker.

Bar Utility – This is one job that showing you are a hard worker with a willingness to learn can get you the job. Those that want to eventually become a bartender can start in this position. As you gain bar experience you are also gaining ship experience.

Second Cook – It is possible to get hired as a 2nd or 3rd Cook if you have a couple of years working in a restaurant kitchen. If you also have a culinary education this will help you get promoted quicker.

Gift Shop Sales Associate – For students that have retail sales experience, this is one of the best entry level jobs to apply for. Highlight your sales accomplishments, working as a team, and customer service skills. Students with knowledge of luxury items such as jewellery, watches and make up have an advantage.

Spa Receptionist – Although part time work as a receptionist is one type of preferred experience, sales experience is one of the most important skills to promote on your resume. A professional appearance is also required.

Personal Trainer – Students that have a fitness education and some experience in the field can apply this cruise job. Ironically, the ones that get hired have exceptional sales ability in order to sell the products and services that are offered by the spa.

Casino Cashier – Students that have been working part time in a bank or hotel handling large volumes of currency are preferred for this cruise ship job. Experience with bill and coin counters should also be highlighted on a resume.

Photographer – Even if photography is only a hobby, students could consider this entry level cruise job. Students should build their photography portfolio and exhibit their photos online (ie. Flickr). Although an education in photography is preferred, students that are self-taught are hired as well. Keep in mind that sales skills rank high in the eyes of a recruiter.

iLounge Macologist – This is a great entry level cruise job for students that are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Mac and Apple products. Sales skills and customer service skills are also necessary.

Internet Manager – This is another job that is suitable for students that know their way around a computer and the internet. Troubleshooting skills, customer service skills and managerial skills are preferred.

Assistant Systems Manager – Recently graduated computer science majors that want to travel will love this entry level cruise job. Although advanced computer skills are required, the ability to work well with others should also be highlighted.

Port and Shopping Guide – This is an ideal job for a student that is outgoing, charismatic and has an ability to sell. Knowledge of luxury products such as jewellery and watches is an asset. Students that graduated in marketing will be well suited to this position. Experience with PowerPoint presentations is required.

Art Auctioneer – Students that have some art education coupled with some sales experience would easily be able to apply for this cruise job. Generally additional training is provided for suitable candidates.

Party Planner – “Outgoing, dynamic people with strong presentation skills” is what Holland America’s job description says. Experience with a microphone and PowerPoint are an asset. Experience hosting live events or teaching a workshop would probably get you hired.

Cruise Staff – Similar to the Party Planner position, the Cruise Staff job on a cruise ship requires candidates that are outgoing and charismatic. Experience hosting live events, using a microphone and organizing activities is an asset. Part time job or volunteer work with seniors or recreation programs is great on a resume.

Disc Jockey – Regardless of a student’s education, if they have experience working as a professional DJ, they can work on a cruise ship. Similar to the cruise staff positions, an outgoing and dynamic personality is best. Knowledge of lighting and sound is preferred. Another similar entry level position is Carnival Cruise Lines’ Karaoke Host.

Youth Staff – Students that have experience working at a summer camp, supervising recreation programs and even babysitting could apply for this cruise ship job. Degrees or diplomas in physical education, recreation, day care, or teaching are advantageous.

Recreation Staff – Recreation staff cruise jobs are ideal for graduates in physical education or recreation. Additional qualifications such as rock climbing are an asset for jobs with Royal Caribbean or NCL. Lifeguard certification and First Aid are also great skills to get students hired.

Stage Crew – This entry level cruise job is great for students with a passion for behind the scenes in entertainment production. Experience in setting up and taking down of stage equipment with some lighting and sound knowledge is required.

Musician – Students that are proficient in an instrument may want to consider a cruise ship job as a musician.

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