Cruise Jobs Requiring Sales Experience


Many cruise ship jobs require sales experience. Beyond the obvious sales jobs that actually have “sales” in the name of the position such as Sales Associate and Cruise Sales Manager, recruiters are looking for sales experience in a handful of other jobs as well. Which departments are dependent on revenues and expect their staff to know how to sell?


Cruise Ship Revenue Centers

To understand which cruise ship jobs require sales experience, we need to take a look at which areas of the ship that create onboard revenue. Onboard revenue is big business for the cruise lines, as former cruise line executive, Rod McLeod points out in an interview with The Travel Market Report:

“About 70% of revenue comes from tickets and the other 30% from onboard – shore excursions, casinos, booze, gift shops, spas, photo, as well as travel insurance (sold through the line), pre- and post-hotels, transfers and other services…”

This means that departments such as Shore Excursions, Bars, Casino, Gift Shops, Spa and Photo are all dependent on onboard revenues. Other services that generate revenue for the cruise lines are the port and shopping program, future cruise sales and art auctions. From a cruise ship job point of view, focusing your resume on sales experience is crucial to get hired for one of these departments.


Sales Jobs on Cruise Ships

Each of those departments has staff skilled at selling their product or service. Even if it seems more like a service such as formal night photos, wine tasting, or an updo. It’s the staff’s job to sell those photos, that expensive bottle of wine, or some pricey hair product. Here is a list of cruise ship jobs that require sales experience.

Shore Excursion Manager – The Shore Excursion department is responsible for selling tours and airport transfers. The Shore Excursion Manager must also be vigilant about not giving many refunds for shore excursions.

Shore Excursion Assistant – The Shore Excursion department is responsible for selling tours and airport transfers.

Dive Instructor – The Dive Instructor is part of the Shore Excursion department and is responsible for selling tours and airport transfers. The Dive Instructor is also responsible for renting equipment.

Bartender – The Bar department is one of the biggest revenue centers on a cruise ship. The more drinks and revenue that a bartender makes, the higher the gratuities will be as well. Bar staff are encouraged to upsell double shots, drink packages, specialty drinks and the Drink of the Day.

Bar Steward – In order for a Bar Steward to be promoted to a Bartender they will need to show their ability to meet sales targets. This is the training ground for sales as a Bartender.

Waiter – During a meal service, waiters are encouraged to sell bottles of wine. Knowledge of wine is beneficial to meeting sales targets.

Casino Manager – The Casino Manager is also a sales manager. Although they are responsible for the smooth operation of the onboard casino, they are also responsible for meeting revenue targets. They work with the Casino Host to promote casino events and encourage VIP casino guests to spend more money.

Casino Dealer – Casino Dealers are silent revenue makers. They quietly enable guests to part with their money. Dealers that are charismatic, engaging and easily approachable will generate more money because they will have more people at their table more often.

Casino Host – The Casino Host is generally someone who has dealer experience and knows their way around a casino. They work with the Casino Manager to develop casino promotions as well as recognize VIP casino guests.

Gift Shop Manager – The Gift Shop Manager is also a sales manager. They must motivate and train the Gift Shop Associates to maximize sales. They must develop promotions to encourage guests to shop and spend money.

Spa Manager – The Spa Manager is also a sales manager. They must motivate train their staff on effective selling techniques.

Spa Receptionist – Although the Spa Receptionist is primarily responsible for booking guests’ hair and spa appointments, they also have sales targets to meet. They are responsible for upselling spa services as well as products sold by the spa.

Personal Trainer – Personal Trainers are expected to meet sales targets as well. They must get passengers to sign up for fitness classes, fitness consultations and personal training. They must also be knowledgeable about all the products and services of the spa so that they may encourage guests to sign up or purchase its products and services.

Hair Stylist – Not only are Hair Stylist responsible for providing hair services, the more they sell in products, the better commissions they make. They can also cross sell services such as Teeth Whitening or other spa services.

Beauty Therapist – Not only are Beauty Therapists responsible for all skin care services, the more they sell in products, the better commissions they make. They have the opportunity to sell a variety of skin care products and make up. They can also sell follow up services.

Nail Technician – Not only are Nail Technicians responsible for all manicures and pedicures, the more they sell in products, the better commissions they make. Nail Technicians that have additional training such as a Beauty Therapist can offer more services to guests.

Photo Manager – This is also a position that embodies a sales manager. The Photo Manager must motivate and supervise a team of photographers to sell photos and photography products onboard.

Photographer – The more a photographer sells the more they make. Understanding the tricks to get guests to pose for photos that will eventually be purchased is a skill. Photographers are expected to meet sales targets.

Videographer – The Videographer is responsible in producing a video of the cruise that captures as many guest experiences as possible. It will highlight many shore excursions and deck parties all of which will feature guests waving, partying, and having fun on their cruise. The more videos sold, the more the videographer makes.

Port and Shopping Guide – The Port and Shopping Guide must encourage guests to shop in the cruise lines’ recommended stores in which the ship and Port and Shopping Guide get a kickback.

Art Auctioneer – The Art Auctioneer makes a commission based on how much art and framing is purchased onboard. The more they sell, the more they make.

Depending on the cruise line, each cruise job is recruited by either a concession or an internal corporate department. For more information about these cruise jobs and how to apply, you can read Cruise Ship Job Positions and Cruise Ship Employment with Concessions.


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