Overview of the Yacht Industry


For many, working on yachts is not simply a job–it’s a career and lifestyle choice.  This one requires you to work long, hard days, seven days a week for several months. There are plenty of other downsides with lack of cabin space and privacy topping the list. On the upside, there are opportunities to travel, learn new skills, make friends from around the world and get paid a pretty good salary.

Yachts range in size from 50 feet to over 500 feet in length.  These vessels are owned by some of the wealthiest people in the world who expect an exceptionally high level of service. Whether the owner uses their yacht for personnel use or whether the owner charters (lease) their yacht to a third party, they must follow strict guidelines for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) as well as regulations on pollution and carrying qualified crew, aka “yachties”.

Yacht crew jobs are broken into a few different categories, Deck (exterior), Engineer, Interior and Galley. The entry level deck jobs start with deckhands and work their way up to Captain. Entry level interior jobs include the stewards that may aspire to become a Chief Steward and eventually Purser. Chefs run the galley and Engineers oversee practically everything mechanical, electrical or electronic.

Yachts are always looking for crew and it’s the most motivated and well presented individuals that are hired (and being in the right place at the right time!). Crew placement agencies continually receive orders from Captains and owners therefore interested candidates must register with these crew agencies (no fees for crew) to be considered for employment.

With hard work and specialized training, a career in yachting can be very financially and personally rewarding.


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