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If you're looking for cruise ship jobs, welcome aboard!  If you enjoy ocean travel, visiting exotic places and adventure on the high seas, the $30 billion a year worldwide cruise ship industry offers a significant number of new job opportunities every month. Cruise ship jobs are some of the most sought after employment positions, and for good reason! If traveling the world in style, earning a top income and working beside some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet sounds appealing to you - then you've come to the right place!

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A Few Industry Related Facts:

  • There are currently over 230 cruise ships operating around the world.
  • The crew-to-passenger ratio on most cruise ships (across the industry) is 1 crew to every 2.25 passengers.
  • Between now (summer 2012) and the end of 2015, at least sixteen brand new cruise ships with between 1,250 - 4,100 berths (beds) on each ship are scheduled to be built.
  • These new ships will open up around 20,000 new cruise ship jobs by the end of 2015. is currently developing close relationships with some of the biggest cruise ship recruitment agencies, which is why you'll soon be hard pressed to find more cruise ship jobs available anywhere else online.

Before you get started on your search for a job on a cruise ship, you should read about some companies and individuals of concern in this industry so that you don't run into any trouble.

Until the full website is online, here are some helpful links to a few industry-related sites:  - A membership-based website that gives you more insider's information on how to find a cruise ship job than any site I've found online, bar none.  Neil, the site owner, is a past cruise ship recruiter and cruise ship employee and so he know exactly what the cruise ship companies are looking for.  You should definitely check it out. - Tracks over 200 cruise ships around the world and shows you where they are at this very moment.

WindRose Network - A general analysis and overview of the cruise ship industry.

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